Manchester Honey 3x Offer



Honey From Rescued Bees
3 x 227g/8oz Hexagonal jar's of Manchester RAW Honey.
Raw honey has not been treated in any way.
It hasn't been heated or pasteurized and is essentially straight from the hive to the jar.
We have passed the honey through a fine food grade mesh to ensure small particles of wax etc are removed and then it has been put straight into the jars, sealed and closed with tamper proof labels so you can be assured that it hasn't been touched once jarred.
(Saving £1.50 versus buying individually)

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Weight 2kg


Based on 4 reviews
  • Tom Seddon


    Amazing quality honey, I have searched high and low to find honey like this,

    Quick dispatch and friendly personal service.

    I can't wait to order again

  • Tracy Stephens

    Astley, Tyldesley

    Lovely light honey, not too strong tasting. I use daily, to reduce allergies and kill viruses and bacterial infections quickly. I ordered 3 jars for £14 on Friday and they arrive today (weds). One of the niceat honeys I have tasted, I will definitely be ordering again 🙂

  • Bob cain


    This is the best honey I have ever had absolutely fantastic and it's the real thing

  • Hookchucker


    Excellent quality honey, 1st Class Service.

    Bought 3 jars of the Manchester Honey for my fiance for Christmas, and he told me that it's the nicest honey he's ever had (and he's tried a fair few). I 'like' honey, but am not over keen on the stronger tastes, I generally stick with Acacia as it's very mild. But I've tried the Manchester Honey too, and it's bloody lovely, definitely a taste I could handle, not too strong tasting, and funnily enough, not too sweet either. I'll definitely be back for more. Thank you very much for the speedy delivery too :)