Raw Honey Altrincham

Simply put, Raw honey is the best you can get! It is (as our labels proudly say) 'Pure honey, from hive to jar'. We don't treat our raw honey, we don't heat it or pasteurise it and we add tamper proof labels once jarred so you can rest assured that your Raw Honey hasn't been opened since it was taken from the hive and added to the jar.

To obtain our raw honey we remove the reusable frames from the hive, scrape off the wax cappings and spin the combs to remove the honey. It is then passed through a fine food grade mesh to remove any debris and poured straight into the jar.

Honeybees have been making honey for centuries and they've never changed the recipe, so why should we? Raw honey contains all the natural enzymes, proteins, pollen and propolis (all the P's) that make it perfect for the bees as their winter source of food.

Our bees are so productive that they produce far more honey than they need for the winter and that's why we can take a surplus to offer to our wonderful customers. Rest assured, though, that we never take more than a surplus so the bees who make your Raw Honey have plenty for themselves too!

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